Mindfulness for anxiety

The growing body of evidence supporting mindfulness/meditation as an effective intverention in helping with anxiety is undoubtable. Research from Oxford shows significant improvementsreductions of 58% in anxiety (GAD-7), 40% in stress (PSS) and 57% in depression(PHQ-9). Take a look at this great set of guided meditationsThe use of these exercises is discussed in both of our books: Mindful Way Through Anxiety and Worry Less, Live More 

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  1. Mindfulness of Breath
  2. Mindfulness of Sounds
  3. Mindfulness of Physical Sensations
  4. Mindfulness of Emotions
  5. Mindfulness of Emotions and Physical Sensations
  6. Mindfulness of Clouds and Sky
  7. Mountain Meditation
  8. Inviting a Difficulty in and Working it Through the Body
  9. Your Personal Experience with Self-Compassion
  10. Mindful Observation of Self-Critical Thoughts
  11. Mindfulness-based Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    1. Instructions
    2. 16 muscle group exercise
    3. 7 muscle group exercise
    4. 4 muscle group exercise