Strengths Primer: Discipline

People strong in the Discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.

  • Needs on a team: To organize
  • As a Leader: Create order
  • In Conflict: Add structure
  • Partner with: someone with strong Ideation–this will stretch your thinking. Adaptability–They will help you manage with flexibility especially in times of change. Self-assurance–will give you confidence especially trying new things. 
  • In academics: – loves organization – this student will also be well-prepared for the advising session and usually knows what they want – enjoys structured courses, well- organized profs with clear expectations, grading rubrics – will probably want to take all the required courses first to “get them out of the way” – will want to carefully plan their course schedule and will care about the times classes are taught and how they will get their assignments done – will want study time in between classes, so won’t want to schedule any back-to-back classes – will enjoy seeing the syllabus in advance of choosing the class 

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