SE: Caring

Caring Youths especially talented in the Caring theme enjoy helping others.

Five ways to develop Caring

  1. Volunteer: You live to help, so go help–in school, an orphanage, old folks home. Whatever you can do to be of service.
  2. Pay it forward
    1. -join the movement
    2. -watch the movie
  3. Practice Random acts of kindness
  4. Practice Loving-Kindness meditation
  5. Speak the five languages of love and appreciation

Tips for working with students strong in Caring

  • These kids love to help; connect them to a helping role. 
  • These students often get onverinvolved in helping others or overly emotionally invested. Help them understand their role and set boundaries. 


Support for caring

Take the emotional intelligence quiz at Greater Good Society. 

The Five Languages of Love

Read more about Growing the Strengths Explorer Theme of Caring from Strengths School

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