2. Mythbust the rankings

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Essential Reading:

Who is number 1?

You are.

Yeah, you won. But what about colleges? Go ahead and type in who is the number 1 colleges in a search engine and you will discover many different rankings:

  1. BulletThe oldest and most widely used: USNEWS

  2. BulletMany people like: Forbes

  3. BulletFew people know about: Washington Monthly

  4. BulletOrdus Lodus Quality of Life, academics, sports and costs

  5. BulletFor business speciality: Business Week

  6. BulletFor design speciality schools: Design intelligence

But before you invest in the rankings, focus on the methodology and the criticism:

  1. BulletOverview of Criticisms

  2. BulletThe Atlantic’s call to Ignore the Ranking

  3. BulletStanford’s famous letter to US News

  4. BulletA decent analysis of USNEWS methodology, helping you better understand the factors they consider and why they may not matter so much to you.

  5. BulletWhile not the title of the article, it should be: Discover how USNEWS Punishes colleges for not participating in the rankings.

  6. BulletA stunning look at ranking changes in just a few years. Colleges are slow moving places.

International Examples

UK Rankings

League Tables

The Guardian Complete listof Universities

The Guardian Subject Tables

The Complete University Guide Subject Tables


Times Higher Education


Shanghai Jiaotung


Leiden Rankings



Korean Universities Global

Korean Econ departments


Korean University rankings