Art makes us happier

Soul Pancake explores how art inspires hapiness

This is based on a study

The Greater Good Society profiles seven artist’s perspectivse on why we make art. 

Strengths Mined: Creativity, Appreciation of Beauty, Capacity to love and be loved, Authenticity,

  • I make art for a few reasons. In life, we experience so much fragmentation of thought and feeling. For me, creating art brings things back together.
  • I like expressing emotions—to have others feel what it is I’m feeling when I’m photographing people.
  • I make art primarily because I enjoy the process. It’s fun making things.

While most of us are not artists, not in the sense of making a living in things, I suspect most of us can relate to the sentiments described. Indeed art is important. A London School of Economic researcher found it to be among the MOST important things in making us happy:  Of the top six most happiness-inducing activities, again after sex and exercise, the other four are all arts-related They are, in descending order:


1)      Intimacy/making love
2)      Sports/running/exercise
3)      Theatre/dance/concert
4)      Singing/performing
5)      Exhibition/museum/library
6)      Hobbies/arts/crafts


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