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Our mission is to foster mindful awareness through education and research to promote well-being and a more compassionate society. Mindful Awareness is the moment-by-moment process of actively and openly observing one’s physical, mental and emotional experiences. Mindful Awareness has scientific support as a means to reduce stress, improve attention, boost the immune system, reduce emotional reactivity, and promote a general sense of health and well-being. Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) are tools and exercises such as meditation, yoga and tai-chi that develop greater mind-body awareness and promote mindfulness in daily life. These meditations were created as part of the MAPs for ADHD program. All meditations by MARC’s Director for Mindfulness Education, Diana Winston.

Name Description Released Price

Breathing Meditation 2009 2/6/09 Free View In iTunes

Body and sound meditation 2009 2/6/09 Free View In iTunes

Breath, Sound, Body Meditation 2009 2/6/09 Free View In iTunes

Meditation for Working with Difficulties 2009 2/6/09 Free View In iTunes

Complete Meditation Instructions 2009 2/6/09 Free View In iTunes

Meditation for Working with Difficulties 2009 2/6/09 Free View In iTunes

Loving Kindness Meditation 2009 2/6/09 Free View In iTunes

Loving Kindness meditation 1/13/08 Free View In iTunes

3 minute short Body and Sound meditation 1/13/08 Free View In iTunes

5 minutes of breathing meditation, an excellent first exposure to mindfulness. 1/13/08 Free View In iTunes

12 minutes of breath, body, and sound awareness practices. 1/13/08 Free View In iTunes

17 minutes of mindfulness of breath, body, sound, emotions, and thoughts, followed by a short loving-kindess meditation 1/13/08 Free View In iTunes

Tibetan Singing Bowls with Michael Perricone  30 Minute guided meditation at UCLA’s Hammer Museum. 10/5/12 Free View In iTunes


Ted Talk: Matthie Ricard-The Habits of Happiness

Other Resources

Fantastic writeups on meditation and more at Your Skillful Means sponsored by the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom.

BudhaNet has a very nice page of Meditation instructions.

Insight Meditation Talks by Ven. Pannyavaro

Insight Meditation Instruction – Ven. Pannyavaro (MP3 Files)

632 KB
Introducing Mahasi method
492 KB
What is real?
372 KB
Mindfulness-clear understanding
503 KB
Cultivating presence
374 KB
Contemplating elements
537 KB
Contemplating not-self
556 KB
Technique in Walking Meditation
Insight Meditation Instruction – Ven. Pannyavaro (MP3 Files)
632 KB
The Art of Attention
492 KB
At the Six-sense Doors
372 KB
The Technique of Mental Noting
503 KB
Keeping the Balance in Meditation
374 KB
The Sitting Posture in Meditation
537 KB
Instruction for Sitting Meditation
556 KB
Technique in Walking Meditation
Loving-kindness Meditation – Ven. Pannyavaro (MP3 Files)
714 KB
Loving-kindness Meditation Instruction
482 KB
A Guided Loving-kindness Meditation

Guided Meditations with Malcolm Huxter

Body Scan gives instructions on bringing awareness to bodily sensations. For the most part this exercise is relaxing. Occasionally practitioners initially feel uncomfortable with this exercise. If it becomes overwhelmingly distressing, merely distract or direct attention to something outside your body until you are more comfortable with the exercise at another time.


MP3 [24,444 KB] Body Scan [MP3 -Download]


Progressive Relaxation gives guidance for a common muscle tension and release exercise often used for stress management.


MP3 [24,808 KB] Progressive Relaxation [MP3 -Download]


Calming the body with the breath, describes a mindfulness of breath exercise coupled with relaxation. This is a basic Calm meditation practice and it generally helps to cultivate concentration, calm and relaxation.


MP3 [20,801 KB] Calming the body with the breath [MP3 -Download]


Cultivating peace and joy with the breath, is an extension of the track “Calming the body with the breath”. It is a Calm meditation practice and for some people it can provide a way to cultivate peace and joy.


MP3 [24,551 KB] Cultivating peace & joy with the breath [MP3 -Download]


Mindful Standing and Walking, provides simple instructions for mindful standing and walking. It is very slow. After the listener is familiar with the instructions they can then apply them to faster walking without the aid of the audio file.


MP3 [25,083 KB] Mindful Standing & Walking [MP3 -Download]


Mindfulness of Breath gives instructions for mindfulness of breath, as is it experienced as movement in the abdomen. This is a foundation Insight meditation practice. In some cases individuals who are very conscious of their breathing, such as those with panic disorder, initially find this practice difficult. If this is the case they are recommended to bring attention to something other than the breath until it becomes more comfortable.


MP3 [23,889 KB] Mindfulness of Breath [MP3 -Download]


Mindfulness of sound and thought, firstly instructs on how to use sound as an object of meditation then asks the listener to shift attention to thoughts. The second part of this track is more instruction on how to manage difficult thoughts when they arise rather than a guided meditation.


MP3 [28,307 KB] Mindfulness of Sound & Thought [MP3 -Download]


Open awareness. It is a practice where there are no specific objects of awareness other than awareness itself or the changing objects of awareness. If this practice is helpful utilise it. If it is not helpful put it aside for another time.


MP3 [28,897 KB] Open Awareness [MP3 -Download]

Healing painful emotions are instructions for some options to deal with 1.strong physical sensations and 2. difficult emotions if they are arise. It requires that the listener has already developed some skill with meditation for it to be effective. These tracks are not really guided meditations but more instructions for some options for dealing with uncomfortable physical sensations and emotions.

MP3 [17,413 KB] Healing painful emotions [MP3 -Download]


A guided Loving kindness meditation. With this meditation it is important to accept the ebbs and flows of emotions and not to be discouraged if feelings of loving-kindness do not, at first, arise.


MP3 [31,293 KB] Guided Loving-kindness Meditation [MP3 -Download]

The Art and Science of Meditation, by Joseph Goldstein

This talk on the ‘Art of Mindfulness’ leads us to a deep investigation of the nature of our mind/body reality.

  Introduction (328KB)
  The Art of Meditation (3,024KB)
  The Science of Meditation (2,800KB)
  Conclusion (598KB)

The Force of Metta, by Sharon Salzberg

The Force of Metta: Loving-kindness meditation, seeing our lives as a force for bringing happiness
and peace to ourselves and others. This talk is divided into three parts:

 Part 1(1,954 KB)
 Part 2 (1,948 KB)
 Part 3 (2,013 KB)


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