More and more schools are now including the teaching of mindfulness and meditation in their curriculum. On this page you will find various articles, books and resources to help you begin your journey. 

The first place to start is the Guardian which has one of the best articles linking to many tried and trued lesson plans and resources. For example, they suggest starting witha  3 minute exercise,  Mindfulness and the art of chocolate eating. If you click on the that link you will got to the guardian teacher resource page (registration required) and discover you can download the PDF of the Lesson Plan. The further have a 15 minute mindfulness relaxation exercise script, available with audio recording of this meditation. So head over to the Guardian article now. 

Goldie Hawn shares what her foundation is doing through it’s Mind Up Curriculum

Learn more about Mind up and check out the curriculum


Primary Works on Mindful Education, Social and Emotional Learning, and Brain-based Learning

  1. D. Goleman, Emotional Intelligence (1995).
  2. E. Jensen, Teaching with the Brain in Mind (2005).
  3. E. Jensen, Brain-based Learning (2008).
  4. E. Langer, The Power of Mindful Learning (1997).
  5. E. Macdonald and D. Shirley, The Mindful Teacher (2009).
  6. D. Siegel, Mindsight (2010).
  7. D. Siegel, The Mindful Brain (2007).
  8. D. Sousa, How the Brain Learns (2006).


On-line Sources for Teachers

  1. Association of Mindfulness in Education: (Collection of resources and research articles on mindfulness education.)
  2. Mindfulness Together: http://innerkids.ning.com/ (Web site for social networking sponsored by the Inner Kids program of Los Angeles, CA.)
  3. Garrison Institute: (The Institute’s mission is to help build a more compassionate, resilient future. Offers many retreats and workshops focused on mindfulness.)
  4. Daniel Siegel Homepage: (Site is loaded with video, interviews, and insights from one of the leaders in the field of mindfulness education.)
  5. Reach and Discover: (Dr. Judy Willis’s website rich in teacher resources.)
  6. Judy Willis on the Science of Learning, Edutopia (media link)

On-line teacher educator series by Dr. Dan Siegal at Mindsight


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