People strong in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life.

  • Needs on a team: To see value
  • As a Leader: Provide a purpose
  • In Conflict: Keep things on track
  • Partner with: someone with a strong Futuristic theme. This person can energize you by painting a vivid picture of the direction in which your values will lead.
  • In academics: – loves to see the value in a course – this student has strong values/beliefs that guide their choices, so their course selection needs to be congruent with their values or passions – may prefer profs with strong beliefs that are the same as theirs – may enjoy ethics courses, philosophy, religion, but also may be a handful for the prof – encourage them to take courses from profs with strong opinions and beliefs, regardless of whether or not they agree with those beliefs 


You can tell a person strong in Belief by these attributes (source: Dr. Hulme, APU):

  Enduring core values

  Deeply held ideas about life, purpose, and how things should be

  Energized by activities that are mission- congruent

  Dependable, consistent

  Highly ethical 



The genius of your Belief talent starts with the fact that you have some very deeply-held beliefs about what is true, what is unchanging, and what can be, and always will be, dependable. These beliefs go very deep. They provide personal power to stand strong no matter what. This is central to your character. But the genius of your Belief strength is what results from those beliefs. From your beliefs, you generate meaning, purpose and direction for your life and all you do. This meaning, purpose and direction translate into a tremendous amount of power, drive and motivation within you. So long as you revolve your life around your deepest values and beliefs, you will experience motivation, drive, and determination to make monumental impacts in the lives of individuals as well as groups and organizations.

You at your

  • Best (Balcony): passionate, steadfast, knows where they stand, altruistic, family-oriented, ethical, responsible
  • Worse (Basement): stubborn, set in his or her ways, elitist, unaccepting of other ideas, opinionated, goody-two-shoes

And from the first season:

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