SE: Achieving

Achieving Youths especially talented in the Achieving theme like to accomplish things and have a great deal of energy.

Five ways to develop Achieving

  1. Keep a Victory Log–a record of your accomplishments. 
  2. Set challenging, but actionable goals. Achievors have a lot of energy and ambition. 
  3. Leverage your fire in your belly to find your element
  4. Surround yourself and partner with other hard working individuals. 
  5. Practice Three Good Things. 


 Tips for working with students strong in Achieving:

These students have more energy and more goals than other students. These students love a sense of accomplishment.

How to help students talented in Achieving…

 At the end of each day, help these students know their accomplishments. Point out things you have noticed these students have done. Ask what they did that day, then listen to, appreciate, and recognize it.

 Find ways to display what these students have done. This could be a wall of photos, a scrapbook, a portfolio, a refrigerator display, or a list of daily, weekly, or monthly accomplishments.

 Achievers have more energy than others. Find ways to help these students channel their energy by suggesting activities, projects, or responsibilities.

Support for Achievers

Grit–check out your Grit

Goal setting

How to set goals–Check out Mind Tools plan.

Learn to write your own mission statement. Franklin Covey can help. 

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