SE: Organizer

Organizer Youths especially talented in the Organizer theme are good at scheduling, planning, and organizing.

These students enjoy scheduling, planning, and organizing. Others count on these students to get the details right and pull a plan together.

Five ways to develop your Organizer

  1. Get and use a task manager
  2. Try starting your day with Morning Pages
  3. Practice what Steven Covey calls Sharpening the Saw
  4. Write your own mission statement. Franklin Covey can help. 
  5. Learn more about productivity from reading blogs like these and these

How to help students talented in Organizer…

 Ask these students how they would like to schedule the day. Plant the seeds of thought by asking how someone could schedule the day, week, weekend, semester break, or summer.

 Offer ways for these students to be helpful to others by organizing things for you. For instance, could these students organize the classroom, clubroom, science lab, or manage the sports equipment?

 Connect these students with someone older who is good at organizing. Find someone who can model the value of organization in a person’s life. This will provide more ideas and examples of ways to put organization into action.

Support for Organizing

Read more about Growing the Strengths Explorer Theme of Organizing from Strengths School

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