SE: Presence

Presence Youths especially talented in the Presence theme like to tell stories and be at the center of attention.


Five ways to develop Presence

  1. Become a great story teller. Ted has a fascinating playlist on story telling.
  2. Communication is a big part of presence, which means words are important to you. Expand your vocabulary.
  3. Get confident in front of people. Get involved in theater or public speaking or singing.
  4. Watch great speakers in action. Check out TED, Big Think, Bonus: You will learn a lot more than how to speak and present from these websites.
  5. Join Tostmasters. Check out their World Championships of public speaking.

 Tips for working with students strong in Presence:

  • This person wants to tell you their story. Listen.
  • Provide opportunities and challenge them to get in front of others.


Support for Presence

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling

Mind tools explains How to build self Confidence.

Lifehacker has an increadible list of 63 ways to be more confident.

Roadtrip nation has a very engaging series focusing on Confidence.

and another on story-telling



Improving your story telling

14 part series on story telling

Read more about Growing the Strengths Explorer Theme of Pressence from Strengths School

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